Mechanical Section

The Jubilee Technical Training Center (JTTC) has a mechanical section that believes in delivering a curriculum that enables you to apply practical skills and knowledge to your career. Our programme is carefully developed to ensure that learning is reflective of contemporary industry trend. The section is equipped with ultra modern state of the art machinery to provide training to learners to achieve the NVQ qualification.
The NVQ provides knowledge in:

  • Basic Hand tools
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Gears and Bearing
  • Lubrication

At the end of the course, the leaner is awarded the NVQ Diploma which is an internationally recognized competency certificate. The section also trains in the short courses listed below.

  • Mechanical Safety.
  • Pump Maintenance.
  • Compressor Maintenance.
  • Fluid Power
  • Valve Maintenance.
  • Rigging.

      We also offer bespoke courses for industry at their request.

      The Certificate enables leaner improve his career prospect and marketability and gives the opportunity to discover the next stage in your professional life and obtaining employment in all spheres of engineering practice in Ghana and internationally.

      The Section has Two consultant from the TTE UK and Three lecturers providing knowledge and competencies to learners.